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If you were there I hope your time was as amazing as mine. If you weren’t you still have time to register for the next Yoga Games in November.

Imagine, 3 days of non-stop Yoga. One day of workshops for teachers, and two days of classes for all levels. Some classes are even free and open to the public. The public is also invited to 2 days of a marketplace to meet interesting vendors selling everything from Yoga clothes to incense. I will perform a white sage cleansing ritual, but that’s another blog post. For now, I invite you to watch my 90-second video from Yoga Games in Gothenburg.

I met some amazing teachers based in the US and the US. There were classes in Swedish and English, and I learned a lot. I cried, releasing whatever needed releasing and just being in the community was extremely uplifting. Let me know if you’re attending this Fall. And guess what? I’m already booked in for next year too. I’m a planner!

One of the best classes I took was the closing Yin Yoga practice. I L.O.V.E. Yin Yoga as it has been invaluable in helping me manage grief. You sit in the Yoga poses longer, which benefits targeting the tissues. And you sit with your grief and release it too. I have a free Yin Yoga practice video with your name on it. Pick it up here.

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