Yoga to Age Better

My Story

I’m over 60, survived menopause, and conquered rheumatoid arthritis. Yoga helps me maintain my mobility, flexibility, balance, and peace of mind. I want to offer this to you too.

Age better with Yoga and enjoy your private program with me using your phone, tablet, or computer from the comfort and privacy of your home. I’ll customize a program meeting you where you are, to maintain or increase your mobility, balance, and peace of mind. You will be offered the opportunity to reflect, breathe, meditate, move mindfully, find gratitude, and get rest. I was born in the 60s, and it works for me.  Book your 30-minute call to set things up.

Yoga with your girls

Practice with me and your favorite group of girlfriends, mark a special occasion, or form a Yoga club to hold each other accountable. We’ll meet online and you can be together or in separate locations. I’ll make sure our sessions are customized to your wants. Book your 30-minute call to set things up.